Mobile & Privacy in NewMR: Audio Broadcast

Interesting highlights from the August 9th Radio NewMR broadcast with guests Karen Lynch, qualitative market research consultant and Bo Mattson, CEO of Cint:

  • Karen asks… in terms of privacy in market research and social media listening is the industry over exaggerating the issue? Young adults and future generations are very used to social sharing and see no issues. Are the concerns being raised by those that are uncomfortable with sharing personal information and hence creating an issue that does not truly exist?
  • According to Bo… the biggest opportunity in market research is the combination of fractionalization with mobile. Together they will allow the industry to communicate with people in a much better way than it currently does, many different kinds of people will participate and share opinions and research will be broken up into smaller more manageable parts such as one question a day.

Listen to the 25 minute podcast here, please wait a moment after clicking to allow the audio to load.

Radio NewMR August 9, 2011 Broadcast

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