The road to #TEDMED 2013 via Twitter

Tomorrow TEDMED 2013 officially kicks off in Washington, DC and here at InCrowd we’re lucky enough to be part of the global community participating via TEDMED Live. We’ll have access to the presentations on the TEDMED stage, in real time and on demand. InCrowd will be live Tweeting throughout the event so get ready to follow the Twitter discussion at #TEDMED and on Friday at #GreatChallenges. We’ll also be blogging around several of the key sessions and speakers. We have our eye on the big data session, who doesn’t want to hear Pritpal Tamber talk and we’re interested to learn if every company really is a healthcare company.

During the run up to TEDMED we’ve been following the chatter on Twitter and thought a few highlights from the last couple of weeks would be a good way to set the stage for TEDMED 2013.

The road to TEDMED 2013 via Twitter

We’ve said it once, but it bears repeating, who doesn’t want to hear Pritpal Tamber speak?

Once again we’re ready for the big data session.

Now this is way too cool.

We really like the idea of the Hive, what do you think?

It’s a given that we need to stay healthy during TEDMED.

I’ll close with my definition for the future of health… collaborative, preventative, individualized, not government run.

How would you define the future of health?


This post originally appeared on CROWDTalk.

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