Is it time for more companies to join the healthcare social media discussion?

This past week I had the opportunity to be a guest host on What’s News in Healthcare Social Media, a weekly Goggle+ Hangout organized by Todd Hartley and Kathi Browne. With Todd out of town, I had the honor of sitting across the virtual desk from Kathi to discuss the latest articles and events in the healthcare social media space.

We had a busy show, covering 8 articles that ranged from a case study highlighting a pharmaceutical tweet chat to using crowdfunding as a tool to cover post emergency medical costs. You can catch the February 12, 2014 episode here:

During the November 13, 2013 episode Kathi and Todd discussed data highlighting hospital social media access. Healthcare professionals were asked… Does your hospital allow or block access to social media sties from work computers connected to the corporate network? We found 59% of those surveyed indicated they were NOT allowed access to social media in their hospitals. 

Full report: CROWDVoice: Blocking Social Media in Hospitals

Kathi and Todd’s discussion: 

What are your thoughts on the use of social media in healthcare? Good idea or bad idea?

Drop us a note, we’d love to hear your experience using social media in the healthcare setting.

This post originally appeared on CROWDTalk. 


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