You’re stranded on a deserted island, what wearable tech devices do you want with you?

wearable technologyI was recently asked by to pick my top 3 wearable tech devices. That made me think of the ‘deserted island’ question we’ve all been asked at some point in our lives. If you were stranded on a deserted island… what 3 wearable tech devices would you want to have with you?

Now if I were truly stranded on a deserted island, it might be helpful to have a Star Trek transporter or a land line telephone from the Matrix – along with a BIC lighter. However since I’m answering this question from the comfort of southern California, I decided it was safe to go with technology that while practical, might not be life saving.

One of the rules outlined by was that you couldn’t be affiliated with any device that you selected. As a Google Glass Explorer, that took Glass off the table. If I wasn’t an Explorer it would have been one of my choices, so I feel like I really got 4 opportunities to answer the question.

Are you wondering about my other 3 choices for ‘must have’ wearable tech? Thinking about what you would pick? did a stellar job pulling together a deep list of ‘must have’ wearable technology from a diverse group of people. I enjoyed reading their different choices and learned about a few new wearable tech devices I’ll be trying out in the near future. I’ll also admit I was surprised none of my choices made the top 5 list and I’m waiting (rather impatiently) for Kiroco to be iOS compatible.

You can read about my choices and the wearable tech devices selected by the group at Most Wanted Wearable Technology Revealed From Industry Expert Round Up. 

Let me know what you think of the devices I selected. What would you select? What’s your absolute favorite wearable tech device? What technology can’t you live without?