Tapping into customer feedback that is ‘always on’

This guy gets multiple votes from our CROWDWisdom Team as it seems we can’t stop running across his good ideas. Here’s a couple of his posts I feel compelled to share.

Why, because he challenges the market research industry. He pushes the boundaries and requires us to look at things differently.

Who is the masked market researcher? Peter Harris, a forward thinking Aussie with a fresh take on the industry.

In his post, Market and Social Research – not broken…just bent, he talks about a new market research paradigm evolving from the digitisation of customer connection. He sees mobile technologies, online communities, shorter surveys, feedback that is always on, using technology to connect and learn continuously – not just during research projects. I think he does see the future.

He goes on to tell us, “the smartphone is probably the most powerful device ever made available to market researchers.” In Mobile is the medium… and a market research revolution Peter stresses the importance of feedback in real time.

You can’t find much better CROWDWisdom than online, mobile communities providing market feedback in real time. Peter you’re the man, welcome to the smartCROWD.

Are you using mobile to get immediate feedback from your customers? Drop us a line and share your ideas on using real time market information.