Capitalizing on Real Time Information

Here at InCrowd we’re in the business of real time data. We provide access to relevant and timely market information to further support your daily business decisions.

When talking with clients about what we do, I’m often asked…
•    Why do I need data in real time?
•    Do I need more information when making everyday business decisions?

I recently came across a blog post that addresses these questions perfectly.

The post, Defining Real-Time Marketing, sums it all up in one word – marketing. To be relevant, your marketing efforts require real time data.

Ever wonder how your competitor can deliver exactly the right piece of content quickly and efficiently to their target audience? Who, by the way, is also your target audience. They use real time data to fuel their marketing efforts and better connect with their clients.

Paul O’Brien, author of the post, is officially invited to join the smartCROWD. We love that he actively incorporates real time data into his daily business decisions – making his marketing and client engagement efforts even stronger.

Is real time marketing on your company’s radar screen? Do you use real time data to support your daily business decisions? We welcome your thoughts on the move to real time.

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