INBOUND and Pharma: Who has the power?

Last week, as INBOUND 2013 was getting ready to start, I pondered the question…  Is the pharmaceutical industry ready for inbound marketing? My answer then was yes; my answer now is absolutely.

INBOUND 2013 was an awesome week of networking, new ideas and exploring different perspectives. It was enabling and motivating. I came back with a few takeaways to share with the pharma industry.

INBOUND Takeaway: The Audience is the Hero

Communications expert Nancy Duarte, told us the audience is the hero in the stories we tell, not the speaker. The audience holds the power, not the speaker. She went on to tell us that successful presenters and communicators will keep this dynamic in mind when sharing information. If the audience rejects your information, you communication fails.

This got me to thinking about the health consumer. They are the heroes; they hold the power, not the pharmaceutical industry. They want non-biased information they can use to make personal health decisions, they want to be educated and supported. Health consumers are driving the engagement; successful pharma companies will listen and respond with content that provides value.

I see a wonderful opportunity for pharma to go inbound. What do you think, should pharma be engaging with the health consumer?

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