Is DIY a Good Fit in the Healthcare Setting?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is certainly a buzzword; you find it associated with everything from home improvement to dog training. I recently stumbled across 30 Awesome DIY Ideas and was truly impressed with some of the ideas. But this explosion in all things DIY begs the question… is DIY appropriate in all settings?

At InCrowd we’re champions of DIY and think in the B2B space DIY does add value. What about the healthcare space? InCrowd is B2B in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, does DIY work there as well? Healthcare is notoriously slow to adopt new trends and for good reason, but does DIY have a role on the consumer side of healthcare?

Here are 5 interesting articles exploring DIY in the consumer health space. Have a read and I’ll meet you at the bottom of the list.



While each article offers a slightly different look at DIY healthcare one thing is clear to me – the empowered health consumer is driving this change. As people continue to assume more responsibility for their own health care DIY is a natural evolution in the process. Health consumers want to save money, receive care on their schedule and access information when it works for them. DIY can facilitate patient empowerment and compliment traditional healthcare.

What do you think? Do you see a fit for DIY in healthcare? Would you participate in any of the programs mentioned in these articles?

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