Haven’t had your flu shot, see your local pharmacist

Direct from the Pharmacist Crowd: Why people don’t get flu shots

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services flu season begins in fall and peaks around January and February. Being mid October we’re just ramping up for the 2013-2014 flu season.

How can you and your family stay healthy during flu season? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us getting a flu shot is your best option for preventing the flu. They recommends flu shots for everyone 6 months and older and tells us the flu vaccine reduces your odds of getting the flu by 70% to 90%.

InCrowd asked 150 retail based pharmacists from across the United States a series of questions related to the 2013-2014 flu season. The first question that came to our mind… why don’t people get flu shots?

According the pharmacists we surveyed, there are three main reasons people don’t get flu shots:

Reason #1: Believe the flu shot will give them the flu and make them sick: 82/150, 54.7%

Reason #2: No need for a flu shot, never get sick: 32/150, 21.3%

Reason #3: Fear and misconceptions around the benefits of the flu shot: 23/150, 15.4%

Next question Direct from the Pharmacist Crowd: What do you see as the major benefits to people receiving flu shots at their local pharmacy?

Interested in getting market feedback from pharmacists? Drop us a line, we have Crowds of US and international based pharmacists working in both the retail and hospital setting. These pharmacists are pre-screened and have opted-in to answer questions in real time.

Is DIY a Good Fit in the Healthcare Setting?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is certainly a buzzword; you find it associated with everything from home improvement to dog training. I recently stumbled across 30 Awesome DIY Ideas and was truly impressed with some of the ideas. But this explosion in all things DIY begs the question… is DIY appropriate in all settings?

At InCrowd we’re champions of DIY and think in the B2B space DIY does add value. What about the healthcare space? InCrowd is B2B in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, does DIY work there as well? Healthcare is notoriously slow to adopt new trends and for good reason, but does DIY have a role on the consumer side of healthcare?

Here are 5 interesting articles exploring DIY in the consumer health space. Have a read and I’ll meet you at the bottom of the list.



While each article offers a slightly different look at DIY healthcare one thing is clear to me – the empowered health consumer is driving this change. As people continue to assume more responsibility for their own health care DIY is a natural evolution in the process. Health consumers want to save money, receive care on their schedule and access information when it works for them. DIY can facilitate patient empowerment and compliment traditional healthcare.

What do you think? Do you see a fit for DIY in healthcare? Would you participate in any of the programs mentioned in these articles?

5 Ways DIY Market Intelligence Adds Value to Your Daily Decision Making

Doing something without the aid of experts or professionals, DIY or do-it-yourself, is a current trend across many different industries. I did a quick Google search on the topic, narrowing it down to our space of market intelligence and business research. The results speak for themselves.

Why has DIY become such a hot topic within the research community? Talking with customers and industry experts a few reasons seem to resonate…

  • Potential cost savings
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Security of proprietary data
  • Complete knowledge of research needs

As a company providing market intelligence tools to support your daily business decisions we think DIY not only makes sense but adds value.

5 Reasons DIY is a Value Add in the Pharmaceutical Industry


  1. DIY offers immediate clarity on internal business issues and questions; providing actionable insights. Breaking from the traditional: gaining actionable customer insights shares a real world case study.
  2. Need to know what’s happening in your market – today? Run a quick competitive analysis with your target audience.
  3. Nothing is lost in translation, you know your company and needs better than anyone else. You’re the expert in 3 benefits of do-it-yourself research.
  4. Have a strategy meeting this coming Friday? Need to be prepared with business intelligence to share during the meeting? Run a DIY study; get immediate market feedback from your target audience.
  5. Run an agile product launch. Query physicians within hours of initial product detailing, immediately inform the launch process. 

DIY is synonymous with agile. DIY market intelligence allows you to quickly understand and react to your market and customers. At InCrowd we understand the importance of being agile and the need to easily access market information to support daily business decisions.

With this in mind, InCrowd will soon offer a completely DIY market intelligence tool. We’re putting you in the role of expert. You know your company and business better than anyone else, this is your opportunity to quickly and directly ask the questions you need answered.

Watch for an InCrowd product announcement in the coming days, and follow us on Twitter @InCrowdNow to stay up to date with the latest InCrowd news.