10 Digital Marketing ‘Pearls’ for Pharma

A week ago I was at Interactive Day San Diego (IDSD) exploring all things digital marketing. Excellent way to spend a day… interesting content, dynamic and motivating speakers interspersed with some enjoyable networking opportunities.

During the closing networking session everyone was talking about what they found most inspiring. Several people asked, who was my favorite speaker? The one that really got me thinking and making notes about different things I wanted to incorporate at InCrowd? My answer was easy, Rand Fishkin from Moz. His talk, The Nudge is Mightier than the Sword, was spot on target and worth the time to review.

In my post prior to the conference, I noted that coming from the pharmaceutical industry everything discussed at IDSD would not be an exact fit. That was true, but there were definitely digital marketing ‘pearls’ we can put to good use in the pharma space. Here’s my list of learnings from the conference and it’s a pretty good bet you’ll find a few of these pearls in use at InCrowd.

10 Digital Marketing Pearls We Can Use in the Pharma Space

  • “Focus groups suck, everyday is a focus group.” We agree! Talk to your customers in real time.
    • John Durham from Catalyst S+F made this comment during the morning keynotes; was the best quote of the day.
  • Fill the information void.
    • If you’re not talking and communicating with your customers, they’ll fill the information void on their own – often with incorrect information. Be part of the conversation
  • Multiple, shorter, requests for action work better than one long request.
    • People need to digest information. Giving them short ‘informational snacks’ results in improved message uptake.
  • Content is currency.
    • Information has value, share relevant and interesting content with your customers. Engage and discuss, just be sure the information isn’t all about you.
  • Focus on the user experience.
    • How a customer feels about your brand has little to do with what you tell them and almost everything to do with their experience using your product. Think like Apple, it IS about the user experience.
  • To differentiate your brand, tell a story.
    • Set the stage; help your customers relate to why they need your product or service vs. simply highlighting features and benefits.
  • Limit choices; don’t fall into the paradox of choice.
    • Too many choices create a state of indecision; make it clean, clear and easy for your customer to make a choice about your product.
  • Conversational tone is important.
    • Write and communicate as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. Truly engage; don’t talk at them, talk with them.
  • Marketing is all about the nudge.
    • Convert with information, data, content sharing.
  • Mobile is a must.
    • People today are born mobile. Daily they make purchases and search for information on their mobile devices. Can you interact with your customers via mobile?

This post originally appeared on CROWDTalk.

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